About Us

The Liberia One Health Platform (OHP) is a collaborative initiative aimed at improving the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment in Liberia. The platform brings together experts from various sectors, including health, agriculture, and environmental protection, and wildlife, to address complex health challenges that require a One Health approach. Established in June 2017, the Liberia One Health Platform focuses on preventing and controlling zoonotic diseases that can spread from animals to humans, such as Ebola, Lassa fever, and Avian influenza. It also promotes the sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation to safeguard the health of both people and animals. The platform works closely with the Liberian Government, non-governmental organizations, research institutions, and other stakeholders to coordinate and implement One Health activities. Its efforts include disease surveillance and response, laboratory diagnostic, research and innovation, capacity building.



The vision of the OHP is to improve public health outcomes across the human, animal, and environment interface. Its mission is to effectively coordinate a “One Health” approach ensuring multi-sector partnership, participation, resource mobilization, accountability, and transparency at all levels. This will be achieved in line with the following values:

  • partnership
  • integrity
  • Equity
  • transparency
  • professionalism
  • accountability
  • cultural sensitivity
    Cultural/Traditional/Religious Sensitivity


The OHP aims to improve the health status across human, animal and environment interface by building a resilient multisectoral partnership that contributes to effective collaboration and achievement of the equitable health outcomes. The specific objectives are to ensure:

  • an institutionalized, functional One Health approach to public health events,
  • joint planning, decision-making, and implementation related to the prevention, detection, response, and recovery to harmonize efforts across sectors,
  • an enabling environment that facilitates information sharing, interoperability and innovation
  • resource mobilization, accountability, and transparency.
  • strengthened capacity- at individual, organizational, and systems levels- to carry out health security needs.
  • leverage core expertise and capabilities of each agency to determine and direct intervention to address possible health threats that relate to humans, animals, and the environment that cut across multiple sectors.


The governing framework of the One Health Coordination consists of the Steering Committee, which is the highest governing body, the Technical Committee, the Technical Working Groups, and the One Health Secretariat at the national level. At the subnational level are the Steering Committee, Technical Working Groups, and the One Health Secretariat.


The OHP membership includes a multisectoral body known as the One Health Platform (OHP) with three layers: (1) Steering Committee, with the Minister of Health as its Chairperson; (2) Technical Committee, with the Director General of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia as its Chairperson; (3) Technical Working Groups, rotationally chaired by subject matter experts from key line ministries and agencies (see Figure 1 of the 2nd edition of the One Health Governance Manual). The One Health Coordinator and the One Health Secretariat serve as an overall liaison across all three layers. (Annex 3: National One Health Platform TOR).


National Level

Sub-National Level