Joint External Evaluation of IHR Core Capacities of the Republic Of Liberia – 2016

This assessment was a WHO-led IHR  (2005) core capacity assessment using the IHR JEE tool. An international, multisectoral team of experts (nominated by the JEE Secretariat) and observers from Eritrea and South Africa participated in the week-long assessment which took place from 5 to 9 September 2016, in Monrovia Liberia. In the WHO African Region, Liberia is the fourth country to volunteer for the JEE, after the United Republic of Tanzania, Ethiopia and Mozambique. Importantly, Liberia is the first country in West Africa to undergo the JEE and also the first country where the WHO Regional Office for Africa was the sole organizer of the JEE and also the team lead.

NAPHS Mid-term Evaluation Report – Sept-10-2021

Liberia is among low and middle income countries in Africa with frail health system. The fragility of the system is due to unpredictable funding to the health sector, insufficient qualified and skilled human resources, catastrophic health spending by households that further worsening their poverty condition, poor health infrastructure, and low International Health Regulation (IHR) core capacities to deal with public health threats and emergencies.