World Wildlife Day 2024

“Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation”

World Wildlife Day 2024 (#WWD2024) focuses on digital innovation and emphasizes how digital conservation technologies and services can drive wildlife conservation, sustainable and legal wildlife trade, and human-wildlife coexistence. The 2024 theme, “Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation,” recognizes the impact of digital interventions on ecosystems and communities in an increasingly connected world.

We find ourselves amidst a global digital revolution that is dismantling barriers to people-centered digital governance and equal opportunities. The ‘digital divide’ is gradually shrinking, with improved connectivity and Internet access now reaching 66 percent of our global population. However, approximately 2.7 billion people worldwide remain offline. In the least developed countries and landlocked developing nations, only an average of 36 percent of the population has online access. Furthermore, women and young individuals are disproportionately affected by gaps in Internet access and job-ready digital skills.

While technological advancements have significantly improved various aspects of wildlife conservation, including research, communication, tracking, and DNA analysis, challenges such as uneven access, environmental pollution, and unsustainable technology use impede achieving universal digital inclusion by 2030.

World Wildlife Day 2024 serves as a platform for cross-generational exchange and youth empowerment. Through art, presentations, and discussions, it focuses on the opportunities for sustainable digital wildlife conservation. It encourages exploration of existing digital innovations, addresses intersectional discrepancies, and envisions inclusive digital connectivity for all people and the planet.

-The United Nations

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